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Georgia New Options Waiver Program

Welcome to New Options Waiver Program powered by ASIWorks, Inc. where you get the most out of your Medicaid dollars through self-direction.

Founded in 1979, ASIWorks, Inc. (ASI) was recently certified by the Georgia Department of Community Health as one of the NOW fiscal intermediaries for consumer-directed services. ASI specializes in consumer-directed financial services for individuals with developmental and physical disabilities, veterans and the elderly.

ASI takes its fiscal intermediary responsibilities seriously:
  • Paying workers and vendors accurately and on time
  • Helping consumers manage their budgets; and
  • Providing timely and easy-to-understand information on consumer spending.

Employers/Participants/Consumers and their authorized representatives may use this website to obtain enrollment forms and program manuals, enter and approve bi-weekly timesheets. Employees may use this website to enroll in ASI voluntary health and dental insurance plans.

NOW case managers/coordinators may use this website to enroll their consumers with ASI, update consumer information, and review their consumer spending reports.

Self-direction is a way to empower and support consumers and their families. To learn more about...
"Benefits of Self-Direction" click here.

To learn more about "Individuals Who May Benefit from Self-Directed Services" click here.

To read the "Consumer Workbook for Self-Directing" click here.

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Print the ASI biweekly payroll schedule for 2013 with deadlines for submitting timesheets and pay dates for all pay periods.

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NOW Program Manual Documents and Forms Current Payroll Schedule DCH Chapters 600 - 1200
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